The Body Walk

Collaboration between Minoosh Zomorodinia and Astrid Kaemmerling-The Walk Discourse-2019

The Body Walk, developed by collaborating artists Minoosh Zomorodinia and Astrid Kaemmerling, invites participants to spend time to analyze the role of the moving body in space in San Francisco’s Civic Center neighborhood. Through playful activities, artists and participants will use their own bodies to navigate local places of inclusion and exclusion, and interact with places such as the Veteran’s Building, City Hall, the UN Plaza and the Public Library. This walk is aimed to help us grapple with the question where we belong and how our bodies can (pre)define belonging. This is the third collaborative walk of Minoosh Zomorrodinia and Astrid Kaemmerling, following the CloudWalk (2018) hosted at the Headlands Center for the Arts and RitualWalk (2018) at the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California.

Seventy Thousand Curtains Collaborative Work by Open5/5baz

“5baz” is a group of environmental artists working in Iran. It means “Open5” in English. They travel in different cities and use natural elements for making art in the environments.

“CloudWalk” Collaboration with Astrid Kaemmerling

The CloudWalk is a performative walk through the landscape of the Marin Headlands. Together with the artists, participants are invited to think about our changing relationship to clouds as we transition between landscapes and technoscapes. Historically, clouds have provided water and were a symbol of air, and more recently clouds have come to symbolize data transfer and global knowledge streams. Chase clouds together and elaborate on their role in the natural landscape and our daily lives. Be prepared to become clouds yourselves and to transition between discussions about the natural environment and the landscape of data flows while connecting together in meaningful new ways.

Navigating a Body 2016, collaboration with Annie Albagli

Death, Sacred Serenity, collaboration with Takako Matoba

Enact is a collaboration with Christopher Squier, Lorenzo Cardim, Minoosh Zomorodinia and Marissa Bergmann at Embark Gallery

Collaboration with Takako Matoba. Thank to Simón García-Miñaúr and Matt Shapiro for documenting the performance at Swell Gallery.

Behind-the-Scenes of ACCELERATED SENSATION by Minoosh Zomorodinia.
© 2016 Skye John Bennett & Minoosh Zomorodinia. All rights reserved.

have your turkey from Nathalie Brilliant on Vimeo.

have your turkey” collaboration with Nathalie Brilliant, Santiago Insignares, Brielle Brilliant, Alfredo Domador, Minoosh Zomorodinia, 2014

BeLong Show, Diego Riviera Gallery, San Franciso, CA

Collaboration with Dio Chen, Santiago Insignares, Nathalie Brilliant, Minoosh Zomorodina

The word BeLong births a duality of terms that insinuate a passage from one space to another. Martin Heidegger writes of this duality: “When I go towards the door of the lecture hall, I am already there, and I could not go to it at all if I were not such that I am there. I am never here only, as this encapsulated body; rather, I am there, that is, I already pervade the space of the room, and only thus can I go through it.”